Restaurant, Cafe, Bar

  • Sky Bar & Dining
  • Beautiful night view of the most famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar can enjoy.
  • Golf Bar
  • This is an only golf simulator in Myanmar. You can play the golf in the hotel even if you are alone. The bar has three golf simulators. Also, you can eat light meal and some drinks in the bar.
  • Wine Bar
  • Wine bar to welcome the only giant wine barrel in Myanmar
  • 365 Restaurant
  • The famous coffee chain store of Myanmar. During open until midnight.
    • The Corriander Leafの画像です
    • The Corriander Leafの画像です
    • The Corriander Leafの画像です
    • The Corriander Leafの画像です
    • The Corriander Leafの画像です
  • The Corriander Leaf
  • The real Indian restaurant is cooked by native Indian chef. A lot of Indian guests has reasons both staying the hotel and eating that Indian food.
  • The famous Thai coffee chain. The inside of the shop is stylish. You can drink good coffee and delicious Thai food.
  • Osaka Osho
  • Myanmar's first Japanese franchise store.If you eat dumplings, Osaka Osho.There are various menus such as dim sum, stir-fry, noodle, bowl, dessert.
  • Japanese Style Bar "Kagura"
  • When if you are tired of eating Myanmar food, please visit to Japanese Style Bar "Kagura". The specialty of the restaurant is crispy Tempura.
  • Roof Bar (RF)
  • Every day a large number of customers gather rooftop bar. Water tobacco also taste. You can also enjoy your meal.
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    • more.pngの画像です
  • Coming Soon
  • Opening in preparation

Show Room

  • L&E Lighting & Equipment
  • L & E (Lighting & Equipment) showroom in Thailand's leading lighting equipment

Night club, Karaoke box

    • PIONEER Music BAR
    • PIONEER Music BAR
  • The most famous night club in Yangon. The club look like Myanmar historic building, and the roof is high-ceilinged, and the capacity is 300 peoples. Those are worth seeing.
  • Karaoke House Music Box
  • This is a popular Karaoke box. It is the best choice for the party. It has a lot of Japanese music lineup.

Massage, Este

    • Healthy Spa
  • Healthy Spa
  • The local often visit this Thai style massage and open until 2 AM. Especially, you should reserve on weekend.
  • T8 Hair Design
  • The head office of a popular hairdresser chain managed by a famous actress of Myanmar.

Other facilities

    • International Golf BARの画像です
    • International Golf BARの画像です
  • Banquet hall/Wedding hall
  • There is two banquet hall. The banquet hall in 3rd floor, that capcity is about 50 peoples. And the banquet hall in 8th floor, that capcity is about 200 or 300 peoples.
    • 貸し会議室の画像です
  • Meeting room
  • The hotel has two meeting room. The one of the meeting room in 2nd floor is 20-30 peoples capacity. The one of the meeting room in 5th floor is 10-20 peoples capacity. You must be satisfied with your needs.
    • 貸し会議室の画像です
  • 5th Rental Office Floor
  • The 5th floor is the office floor of local companies and foreign companies such as Japan
      • Aikidoの画像です
      • Aikidoの画像です
    • Aikido
    • Believe it or not, Myanmar's Aikido history is 60 years. A lot of children and adults have learned Japanese traditional a martial art Aikidou in this gym. The visiting this gym is free.